Decentralized Marketplaces on the blockchain with 100% uptime. Easy to use, secure, and reliable.


    Syscoin is a decentralized service platform based on bitcoin's blockchain technology. Syscoin aims to provide both buyers and sellers with highly efficient, secure, low-cost solutions for buying and selling goods and services using blockchain technology.

  • Built For Everyday Use

    Safe, secure, reliable, easy to use and backed by the blockchain.


    Fully Encrypted

    All sensitive data within Syscoin services such as buyer information or messages between buyer and sellers are fully encrypted.


    Merge Mining Means Syscoin's Blockchain is Secured By Bitcoin's Network Power

    All Syscoin services are secured by a series of confirmations by other computers on the network. Purchases on the decentralized network are secured by optional arbitrated third party escrow.


    The Syscoin Network is Always On

    Syscoin can be "merge mined" with bitcoin, making the Syscoin network extremely robust and reliable with zero downtime and a high level of redundancy at a low cost to users.

    Easy to Use

    Built to Integrate, Ready to Use From Day One

    The Syscoin 2.0 wallet enables buyers and sellers with the full suite of Syscoin services directly from their desktop. Additionally the roadmap has plans for integrations for eBay and Etsy stores shortly after launch. This will be followed by plugins for ecommerce platforms Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop and OpenCart. Syscoin was built to be easy to use.

  • Syscoin 2.0 Features

    A suite of blockchain enabled services.

    Decentralized Markets

    Syscoin marketplaces allow buyers to enjoy the benefits of decentralization. Sellers get lower fees, increased exposure for their items through other marketplaces and resellers.

    Fast Services

    One minute block times mean that services on the Syscoin network are fast- 10x faster than Bitcoin.


    Encrypted Messaging

    Built in encrypted messaging allows for buyers, sellers, and escrow arbiters to communicate securely and reliably.



    Price Pegging

    Items listed in Syscoin marketplaces can be pegged to a variety of both Fiat and Cryptocurrencies. Merchants receive the market-rate amount of Syscoin based on the exchange rate at time of purchase.

    Direct Bitcoin Payments

    Syscoin markets support direct bitcoin payments opening up the benefits of Syscoin's platform to a huge existing demographic from day one.


    Arbitrated Escrow

    Be confident in your purchases on Syscoin marketplaces by utilizing arbitrated escrow. If for some reason a problem occurs you can communicate directly with both the merchant and the arbiter to ensure the issue is resolved.

    Low Fees, Redundancy, and Portability

    Syscoin services are extremely cost effective. Merchants who leverage Syscoin marketplaces enjoy a high amount of marketplace redundancy, portability, and uptime.

    Open Source with Robust APIs

    Create your own marketplace experiences using the Syscoin network as a backend. Syscoin's robust set of features are available via a JSON RPC interface identical to Bitcoin's. This makes it easy to integrate with a host of different services. Syscoin is also entirely open source.

    Easy Access to Support

    The Syscoin team has been around since 2014. Someone from the team is almost always online and available to help via our Slack channel. Join today!



  • FAQ

    You've got question? We've got answers.

    When will Syscoin 2.0 launch?

    Syscoin 2.0 launched April 30th, 2016. For more information see this blog post.

    What will happen to current Syscoins?

    All current Syscoin balances on the 1.x network as of the hard fork block (TBD!) will be valid on the 2.0 network. The exact hard fork block will be announced once 2.0 testing is complete, the target being a block height roughly a 24-48hrs prior to launch. 

    Converting your Syscoin after launch is easy. We use the blockchain! Simply backup your Syscoin 1.x wallet.dat and then run the Syscoin 2.0 wallet. The conversion is automatic. You can also import your private keys from your Syscoin 1.x wallet if you prefer. There is no time limit on the conversion.

    Can I only sell my items in SYS?

    Your items can be sold for SYS pegged to a variety of both fiat and crypto currencies. You will receive the market-rate amount of SYS based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. Syscoin 2.0 also supports direct BTC selling. Using direct BTC selling you can accept bitcoin payments without the need to exchange coins at all.

    Who can see my items?

    Merchants have complete control of their items from visibility in search listing to who can resell. Merchants can even use Syscoin certificates to grant certain resellers a discount.

    Who decides what is allowed to be listed?

    Syscoin 2.0 is a fully decentralized marketplace and as such there is no central authority that has control or say of what can or cannot be listed in the marketplace. Regardless of what exists on Syscoin's decentralized marketplace merchants only need expose their buyers to the items they want them to see.


    We're launching soon and offering merchants a bonus for signing up early as well as direct support from the team. Interested? Contact us today!

  • Download Syscoin 2.0 Wallet

    Not sure how to convert your Syscoin 1.0 to Syscoin 2.0? Read this post first.

  • Quick Setup

    Three easy steps to get up and running.

    1. Download the Syscoin 2.0 Wallet

    2. Read the Quick Start Guide

    3. Fire up the wallet!

    Looking for syscoin.conf or nodes? We've got you covered right here.

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